Hello, I’m Edinah, the creator around ‘ere — a creative artist co-mingling various fields of visual communication.


With a strong focus in visual story telling and illustration, Wildlogic is a movement, design mantra, dedicated to the exploration of wild and free ideas ✨

At first just a word, Wildlogic was (and is) a declaration that I would echo to myself day-in-day-out in everything I did, without real meaning at the time, that soon turned into a mantra that began to fuel my creativity.

And this is my digital (uncensored) design space, to be wild and unapologetically free; that celebrates the unspoken, documents my creative journey and conversations around various digital design topics while helping to make the internet a little less ordinary. 


"You'll turn out ordinary if you're not too careful"
— Ann Brashares



For freelance work, partnerships and collaboration, e-mail at design@wildlogic.space. In the meantime, check out my design projects and illustrations.